Monday, June 18, 2012

At the beginning...

June 30 2012........the beginning of us

Movies for English learning!

This is my ever-green favourite animation movie. I watched this since I was a little girl. I extremely love this movie. I watched it everyday. I even memorised the songs in this movie! I think I was in primary school at that time. As I watched it several times, I was able to write the lyric of the main song (Let me be your wings) just by listening to the song. Well, those days there were no internet or Mr Google to assist me. To my surprise, I could learn English very well through movies and songs.

Movies are actually useful for young learners as they are fun. Students love learning without doing any task, right? Hehe. Well, you can include your lesson indirectly for example:

Before the movie viewing:
1) you can give out open-ended questions,list of vocabulary, names of characters or even discuss one of the theme.

While viewing:
1) The students can relate the previous discussion and find the answers for the questions you have given earlier.

Post viewing:
1) Students provide responses regarding the movie; their feelings, opinions
2) Discuss the answer for the questions given.
3) You can highlight the moral values in each movie,or portrayed in each character either from the good or bad characters.(I like to highlight this part of the lesson as students could relate it to their own experience)

I have done movie viewing for my students. They loved it and had great time. Although, I understand about the time constrain as the time are limit to 80 mins. Well, I suggest you do it during extra class or tuition. If you will need to kill 2hours fruitfully so try this method.

Here are my list of movies that I have used for my class:
1) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ( the most fav )
2) Ratatouille
3) Ice Princess
4) Rio (the recent most fav)
5) Wall-E
6) Toothfairy
7) Pacifier

Try it! and Have fun! ^_^

Me in the year of 2012

  This is your Miss Farah. ^_^

          Picture taken on May 2012 during Teacher's Day celebration at SMK Datok Syed Ahmad, Kuala Nerang, Kedah. Looking old...obviously because she is already 27 years old. She was having  stressful first months of 2012 as she is in charge of the Form 5 Academic Performance. Her job is to plan out the Form 5 extra classes throughout the year and make sure the ETR is achieved!  However, with the assistance from my helpful colleagues, I managed to make it through! yeay!

My job now is make sure all my five classes which are 3 classes of form 5 and 2 classes of form 2 get a flying colour result in SPM and the final exam. InsyaAllah.

My SuperABAH! ^_^

Dear Abah,

You are my alarm clock every morning,
 waking me up early to face the new day with strong will,

You are my reminder for every small matters,
as your small sticky notes or memo are there to trigger my day,

You are my cook for my weekend's breakfast,
 the nasi kerabu or nasi ayam bakar or roti canai,
Even for my breakfast before work,
 you never forget to stock our pantry with Milo Cereal & roti Fairy,

You are my 'dobi' as you do my laundry when I forget to wash and 'sidai' my clothes
You are my driver when my car is in the workshop, you never sigh

You are my mechanic for every broken things I made, It's easy and cheaper as you said

You are my Bank@ ATM machine when I'm broke,

You are my 'pakar motivasi', when I'm down
You are my recuer, when I'm lost or in trouble,
You are my manager of life
You are my 'guru besar' who teach me about the circle of life,

You are my SuperABAH!

Every victory I own now, is because of
your advice,
your sweats,
your motivation,
and your LOVE....kasih sayang abah tiada tolok bandingan, tiada gantinya... 

Abah, wani minta maaf di atas segala dosa wani selama 27 tahun wani menjadi anak Abah.
Although one day, I will be someone's wife, I will always be your only daughter... your baby girl.


Your Baby Girl,
Nurfarah Zawani
18 June 2012

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Day out with my 3 Elite 1 ^_^

I'm touched watching this sweet video.....

The best Saturday ever which was on 15 October 2011, 17 of 3E1 students with sweats and delays, travelled by a crumpy public bus to Jitra. Independently, they travelled to Jitra Mall just to attend their end-year class party organised by their forever-like -busy English teacher.

The idea to have this ridiculous but fun trip was when the students insisted me to organise a trip after PMR exam. Unfortunately, I was tied up with SPM classes which made me a little bit reluctant to have a normal trip as I might skip my SPM classes.

But since they wanted a trip so badly, I gave them one. A trip to Jitra Mall with the cheapest transport - the public bus! We planned the time for them to wait for the bus and I waited for them in Jitra. The agenda of our special trip are :

1)PIZZA HUT ( to fill up the starving tummies which had travelled 2 hours on wobbly roads),

2)then MOVIE TIME (we watched 'The sorcerer & the white snake"- which was a terribly wrong choice for these kids- Sorry guys, I didn't know since I haven't watch it) It was my mistakes to contaminate the kids' minds with minor 'blue' thingy :P . However, they still enjoyed the ending of the story,

3)next LET'S BOWL! - The boys were looking forward for this part. Only 3 girls (including me) joined in the game. And guess what!? I won 2nd place together with Harith as we earned similar total pins. The rest of the girls were our 'pom-pom girls'- our supporters!

4) lastly KAROKS (KARAOKE) - This one was the girls fav! We sang just a few songs as I booked the room only for half an hour. The time was limited. They needed to wait for the last bus home at 6.30pm.

After the boys had their second bowling round and the girls had their voice shrieking moments, we moved separately to our own way home. Me-Alor Setar and my students -Kuala Nerang. Farewell my dearest 3E1.....
Thank you Arif Nadzir for your efforts making this simple but memorable video. and thank you all my form 3 Elte 1 (2011) InsyaAllah... you are all will obtain flying colour results and pursuit your ever-wanted dreams in life! May Allah bless you always...

With love,

Miss Farah 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Well, it's been about two years, I haven't written anything in this blog. What makes me start writing this entry? Hurm.... well,basically now it's the mid-sem break for the school. You can say that I'm already bored to death, doing nothing at home and had enough with fb-ing which make the perfect reasons for me to start blogging again.
These wonderful two years have taught me well, obviously to be a REAL teacher as well as to be a patient unmarried 26-years OLD woman. Haha... sounds dramatic,isn't it. The year of 2011 does have affected me a bit, although now it's just March. The year started terribly bad with a huge fight or should I say, quarrel. Then, to add to my misery, the school changed my teaching classes from Form 4 and 5 TO Form 3 and 5. All are exam classes for me to teach. Felt the heaviest burden are put on my shoulders.
However, Allah is the AlMighty. All of the students whom I'm teaching are an angel. It is like the kids are helping me,indirectly to lighten my burden. They did their works, they came to see me,if they have doubt, they even requested for paid extra class. I'm blessed. Well, the year does not start as bad as I thought it would be. Hopefully, good news will arrive. InsyaAllah. ^_^

The Average

envy the good English they speak

envy the great shape they have

envy the stunning features they own

envy the brilliant brain they have

envy the huge fortune they inherit

envy the opportunities offered to them

envy the endless attention they received


I’m just the average




where’s no one recognise nor remember

where’s nobody can differentiate

even my name is common,

nothing about me is unique to be fossilised

everything is just average

being blessed and glad

That is who I am.

Written by: Nurfarah Zawani